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Legal Advice

IRANA2Z With years of experience in providing services to foreign traders and companies in Iran, its offers services on the following topics.

1. Legal advice of concluding contracts of companies, commercial units, production, industrial, and merchants with others, as well as arranging contracts by a lawyer.
2. Advising the rules and regulations of various commercial companies.
3. How to conclude an employment contract with company employees and company customers
4. Arranging commercial contracts in Iran
5. Services related to company registration in Iran
6. Services related to the registration of projects of industrial companies in Iran
7. Consulting and performing matters related to establishing agencies and branches inside Iran
8. Necessary consulting and performance in the field of insurance in Iran, including concluding insurance contracts.
9. Consulting of Iran's export and import laws.
10. Advising on investment laws in Iran
11. Advisingcing on opening a letter of credit for payment processes
12. Advising on maritime transport and handling laws and land and air transport
13. Advising on customs laws in Iran
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ADDRESS: Unit 9, No 67, Asef Avenue, Zaferaniyeh, Tehran, Iran 
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Where ever you are in and any kind of business-related to Iran you want to do easily and perfectly, such as Buy and sell goods and services, we are by your side.

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