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Obtaining Sales Representative

A2ZIRAN provides related services to foreign nationals in the field of corporate legal advice. These services include company registration, representation of foreign branches and representation in Iran. A2ZIRAN provides the legal services needed to choose a representative of a foreign company in Iran by using the basic lawyers of a judiciary and experienced and expert legal advisors.

Required documents for registering a foreign company representative in Iran:

  1. certified copy of agency contract with foreign company
  2. Identification documents of the applicant
  3. The address of the representative's residence
  4. Providing the activity history of the person applying for agency registration
  5. A certified copy of the foreign company's articles of association from the representative, the notice of establishment and the latest changes registered in the relevant authorities.
  6. Explanatory report of the activity of the foreign company on behalf of the representative
  7. information about the company's activities
  8. Explaining the reasons and necessity of establishing a representative office in Iran
  9. estimation of required Iranian and foreign manpower
  10. How to provide sources of foreign currency and Riyal funds for the administration of agency affairs
  11. The last financial report of the foreign company from the representative.
  12. All company documents that are prepared in a foreign country must be approved by the embassy or representative after the approval of the relevant authority (such as the company registration authority) and the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country.

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