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Mines industry

Mines supply raw materials needed by many industries and are important in industrial self-sufficiency, job creation, and increasing the GDP and per capita income of a country in the world. Iran with 37 billion tons of mineral reserves and about 68 types of minerals and 57 billion tons of potential reserves, is among the world's 15 mineral powders. 
Iran in terms of reserves of copper, lead, zinc, salt dome (including reserves of salt, gypsum, sulfur, iron, copper, uranium), salt lake (including reserves of sulfate, sodium, potash, magnesium, lithium), reserves of gypsum, steel, aluminum, and decorative stones are among the top countries in the world.
Iran is one of the richest mineral countries in the world with 37 billion tons of proven mineral reserves. This country is known as the paradise of mines in the world. And has been able to attract the attention of many investors in this field over the past decades. Of the $ 8 trillion turnovers of the world industrial sector, $ 2.2 trillion (about 30%) is related to the mining sector.
A2ZIRAN operates in international customs for consulting, transfer of experience, and supply of raw materials in the mining sector, using special communications in the industry and mining sector, as well as export and trade affairs, and clearance.
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