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Various industries

Industries make up a large part of the world's trade. Diverse products with different qualities and sometimes native to each country, have made daily exchanges in this field are always ongoing and have a long history.
Industry in Iran became modern sooner than most countries in the region. In Iran, due to the potential and special economic conditions, different industries have grown well and have made Iran one of the top producers in these industries. Today, Iran produces a wide range of goods such as automobiles, home appliances, telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, paper, rubber goods, steel, foodstuffs, wood and leather products, textiles, and medicine. The country's textile factories are concentrated in Isfahan, along the shores of the Caspian Sea. Iran is also known around the world for its handmade carpets. The traditional handicraft of making these carpets has always been one of the most important export industries of Iran. Iranian handicrafts have been localized in regions across the country, and each city has created a market for its handicrafts in the capital and other major cities of the country.
machinery / Textiles and clothing / Wood and furniture / Iron tools / Tourism / Handicrafts / detergents / chemicals / Glass
Iran A2Z is in direct contact with manufacturers in various industries and by providing connections with various local and industrial networks in Iran, provides the best price and quality to the customer in the fastest time.
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