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Food industry

The food industry is a collection of industrial activities that operate in the production, distribution, conversion, preparation, storage, transportation, certification, processing, and packaging of food.
The food industry has eight different sections including milk and dairy, canned oil and fat, grains, sugar, confectionery and beverage, packaging, and meat industries. The growing situation of the food industry, quality of products, high capacity of this industry in the field of export as well as the special geographical location of Iran and being in the Middle East transportation highway and one of the main historical axes of traffic in the world and huge capacities And its potential has made Iran prone to many food production and export activities.
One of the most important international indicators in the security review is the Global Security Index (GFSI). According to this index, Iran has the standards of global activities. a2ziran With the knowledge that the Iranian food industry accounts for 27% of the employment of the industrial sector, it can supply agricultural chains, food, and packaging chains, food transportation, distribution and market, clearance at international customs, foreign exchange Increase this share for traders and trading companies worldwide.
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