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Petrochemical industry

The Petrochemical industry is currently the third-largest industry in the world after the Food and automotive industries. As the fourth-largest oil producer in the world and having the second-largest gas reserves, Iran provides 80% of its export revenues from oil and gas. Petrochemical industry products can be divided into three distinct categories: basic products such as ethylene; propylene; Sulfur; Petrol; Ammonia and so on. These products form the basis of many other petrochemical products.
Intermediate products are produced from the factories' main products and raw materials that produce the final products. Such as polychlor vinyl (PVC), melamine, and products that are used to make supplies and tools used by industry and the general public, such as synthetic fibers, plastic objects, rubber, chemical fertilizers, etc.
A2ziran Trading Company uses usesienced customs clearance and customs clearance agents - customs brokers - experts who work in various customs of the country to provide their clearance services to import and export companies and manufacturing and trading companies in the field of services Trade and direct purchase from Iran, customs clearance from Iran, import from Iran and customs clearance and customs formalities help and in the shortest time clears various goods and shipments from customs. Also, by providing business advice in the field of import and export and purchase of goods from abroad, it gives the necessary information to traders and merchants so that the import process can be done in the best way and without any problems.
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